Terms & Conditions of 1win in Malaysia

The operator can adjust the bet amount and odds by either lowering or raising them. You can only place bets using the funds in your account. When a bet is made the corresponding amount will be deducted from your account balance. After the bet is settled any winnings will be credited to your account.

Providing information about accepting bets paying out winnings event results or related matters will lead to the voiding of the bet. This rule applies not to individuals under 18 but also to their guardians or parents.

Types of Bets

We offer types of bets:

  • Single Bet: You place this bet on the outcome of an event and your winnings are calculated by multiplying your bet amount by the odds.
  • Combo Bet: With this type of bet you predict outcomes, in different events. Your total winnings depend on multiplying your bet by the combined odds of all the selected outcomes.

Acceptance of Bets During the Match

Malaysian clients have the option to wager on secondary outcomes. They can merge bets to create an Express bet. Once a bet is confirmed it cannot be changed. 1Win does not take responsibility for any discrepancies, in match results during betting. Its recommended that customers consult sources of information as adjustments cannot be made to live bets once they are placed.

Match Results, Date and Time

1Win does not hold accountable for inaccuracies in the names of championships match durations or any information related to betting as they are approximations. Malaysian customers are encouraged to verify details about sports events, from sources.

If a customer places a bet with knowledge of the outcome of an event the bet will be invalidated. Determinations concerning bets will be made after an confidential inquiry. Any actions linked to bets will be promptly suspended.

Amendment of Conditions

The company can make changes, to the website without giving notice to customers in Malaysia.

Right of Demand

In regions where online gambling is prohibited by law by accepting the terms you acknowledge that we cannot assure or provide guidance on the legality of utilizing the website in your area.

We do not assert that our services comply with all laws. Our intention is not to provide services that violate regulations. By accepting the terms you affirm that using 1Win abides by the laws and regulations of your locale in Malaysia. We shall not be held accountable, for any utilization of our website services.

Opening of an Account

To unlock all the features on the website users from Malaysia must create an account. You can choose to register with one click or enter your email and create a password. Additionally you will need to provide details, like your name, phone number and date of birth.

There may be situations where we request documents to confirm your identity. If you fail to provide these documents your account may be temporarily. Blocked until verification is completed.

By signing up Malaysian users confirm that the information they provide is accurate and agree to update any changes as needed.

Your Identity

When Malaysian users register for an account it’s important to make sure that the name used matches the one on their credit card or other payment methods. To verify your identity we may request:

  • Proof of identification
  • Proof of address
  • A statement, from your credit/debit/bank account

By agreeing Malaysian users authorize us to collect information and share it with parties as necessary for identity verification purposes.

Username, Password, and Security

Once you’ve set up your account it’s important for users, in Malaysia to remember to safeguard their username and password. If you happen to forget your login information simply click on the “Forgot Password” link to retrieve it. Be ready to provide proof of access if needed.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Malaysian users hereby agree to the following terms:

  • You confirm that any funds deposited into your betting account have been acquired through permissible means.
  • You are committed to fulfilling all transactions without any refusal or cancellation.
  • Deposits are only accepted from accounts, bank cards or registered systems under your name. Any breach of this rule may result in the confiscation of winnings.
  • In the event that a bank transfer is required to return funds to the owner all associated costs and fees will be the responsibility of the recipient.
  • You agree not to dispute, cancel or terminate any account transactions. If you are liable for refunding us for any funds you will be responsible, for covering any expenses incurred in processing your deposits.